Sunday, August 10, 2014

May-July - What I Made - Jewelry (Photo Vomit!)

Again, I am VERY far behind in my blogging. As you can see, I have been VERY busy!

Jewelry: Items I have made and are for sale.
Pocahontas Earrings: Colors Of the Wind Aura Earrings: MelificentTiana Earrings: Music Merida Earrings: StrengthAura Bracelet: Magic Tiana Bracelet: FreedomAriel Earrings: Waves Mulan Earrings: DistanceJasmine Earrings: Dainty Jasmine Earrings: PeacockJasmine Earrings: Princess Jasmine Earrings: RoyalJasmine Earrings: Rebel Jasmine Earrings: Simple 

May-July - What I Made For Work (Photo Vomit!)


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

May-July - What My Students Made (Photo Vomit!)

Jewelry Student works:


Quilting Student Works:


May-July - What I Made - Sewing (Photo Vomit!)

Clothing: Clothing I have made for myself and clients.


Quilt Blocks: