Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas Star: Continued

Here is some more of the Christmas Star Quilt.
First off, here are the new quilting supplies I bought. I am excited to use them! Slowly but surly I am building my supply collection.
Easy Square ruler, white marking pencil, sharpener, and long ruler - My old one snapped in half years ago. It is about time I replaced it.

Opened to the assembly page.
Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the star assembly process, but I promise I will on the next block.

They lined up pretty nicely if I say so my self. (close up)
Finished Star with unfinished pieces.

Now to add the inserts to complete the star.
These are the pattern pieces used for the fill. Cut at 1/4 extra for seams.
Starting to sew triangles and squares to the star.
I use a  straight pin to mark how far to sew, in order to not run over the star and to make turning easier.
Progress! (I cut the brown pieces too small, note: Make 1/2 larger for other squares)
Cut 4 strips for outline.
 Finished (mostly)!
 Now on to make 6 more (this one will be a pillow cover).

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