Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year's Resolution!

Greetings. This is all very new to me being as I have never "blogged" before. Or even know how. But I figured "Why not" start one with the new year and a new project.

My New Years Resolution was that I had wanted to take scrap yarn that I have left over from other projects and make hats ( one per week, let's be reasonable) to be donated to an organization (as yet to be decided) who collect them for cancer patients. "Hats For Hope" was born. So far I have some 15 give or take (some from before). Here they are:

I made the mitts a while ago and wanted to make a hat to match. I made one but it was too small for my head. So it is getting donated (the mitts I am keeping though).

 My friend Shae made this slouch beanie using the crochet method.

 She also made this one, no pattern, all from her head.

This one I am keeping, though I might make another.
 And after a tedious time figuring out and knitting this one I have decided to keep it as well since hats do not look good on me but this one actually looks cute on me.

And this one is only for sale since it is made with expensive hand spun wool.

All hats are also for purchase. Proceeds will be used to make more hats. All hats not sold (I have to figure out a specific time frame) will be donated. I accept donations of yarn, hats, and help.


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