Friday, January 20, 2012

The Quilting Continues: Christmas Star

After the fun day of rediscovering quilting I pulled out the Christmas bundle and decided to take on a much more adventurous project.
Christmas stash!
I picked out a quilt pattern from an old Better Homes and Garden quilting book.
Followed directions for cutting templates.
Used the template to cut out diamond shaped pieces with 1/4 seem allowance.

I used my NEW (!) rotary cutter to cut the pieces, it is so much faster than scissors. I also layered the fabrics and cut just once to save time. I reccomend this only if you have a very steady hand since the fabric can slip.
This is the color scheme I came up with. I also picked up 2 yrds of brown for a filler.

Close up!
Basket on my sewing table for all the scraps (on to make a scrap quilt!)
More to come as the project progresses!

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  1. oh my gosh this looks so good! and you're being super productive! you make me feel like I'm being a lazy bum!