Thursday, February 23, 2012

Quilters Showcase Mensware White on Green (now I will never forget!)

About two months ago I found this wonderful fabric (see title) and ended up purchasing the remainder of the bolt.

I had this fabulous ides to turn it into a skirt, and I had the perfect pattern for it. After hours of measuring, cutting, and pining I had everything ready for production. One problem, I did not read one on the pattern peices all the way and missed where it said to "Cut 2 of fabric". The fabric I had started with was a piece of about 1 1/2yrds. Not enough. I was down a pack panel for my skirt. Well, since I had purchased the rest of the fabric there was no more to be had at Joann's. For the next month I was back in the store about 3 times a week waiting for a hint of the fabric (I had tossed the receipt, and that the skew number). I was just about to loose hope. I could convert the failed skirt into an apron. Finally, 3 weeks ago I came across the same pattern but in brown. The nice man at the cutting counter wrote down the info for me and I took it home and went online. Therefore, I was able to find the fabric and finish the skirt, which I did today. =)

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