Thursday, March 1, 2012

Log Cabin BLock for Lana in TX

Here is a block I have made for my partner on Swap Block Adventures. She requested a log cabin pattern in red, white, and blue in the old fashioned colonial colors (not the bright stuff).

I also made her a little pouch to match and stuffed it with scraps of the fabric I used.


  1. HOLY COW!!!! I clicked over to look in to see a new follower...and then I saw my NAME!!!!
    Tears filled my eyes to see all the work you did for me! Is it possible to hug you online????
    Thank you sweet lady...know that I am very thrilled and appreciate all the work.
    You made my week!

  2. YAY! I am glad I made you happy. I am so glad you like the block, you should be getting it any day now. It was so much fun! Hugs and Hugs back!