Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tetris Quilt Scrapped.... :(

I have decided to make a tetris quilt for Irine who won the 1st quilt giveaway.
My design was too complicated and I need to get this out soon so I scrapped this idea and went with something more basic. Post with new Tetris soon , hopefully.
Feel free to use the Idea though!
Here is what I did. (I have no idea how big this will turn out!)

1. I googled Tetris and looked at images. I used them for reference as I drew up the design.

2. Then I selected colors from my stash (I had to go purchase more red, dark blue, and yellow). I wanted to use 3 shades for each 'color'.

My colors:

3.  For this design there are 7 shapes/ colors; each individual shape is made up of 4 blocks; and each block has 4 triangles. 

For this particular design I have drawn up you will need 4 1/2" squares of each fabric piece:

(These are both the dark purple, the camera is not of a very good quality.)

Lay out the triangles as shown

sew together 2 at a time

now sew both pieces together

you end up with a 4" square

Backing fabric: