Sunday, July 1, 2012

My vacation and the last 2 weeks.

Hello everyone! I am back finally!

Starting on June 14th I went out of town starting my vacation. Thursday the 14th was my childhood friend's Bachloret party. It was a blast, we took videos! hahah.

April, the bride, rented a hotel room for the weekend and the bridesmaids (and my other sister) stayed with her there through till the wedding.
The wedding was in Ventura at a Golf Corse (forget the name) the following Saturday.
Left to Right: Alana, Stacie, Me (!), my sister Christina, and another sister Alyssa. (I am older, then Alyssa, then Christina, then the twins, Victoria and Jacqueline, not shown above.)

 Wedded couple! YAY! April & Steve!

After the wedding I went back home to stay with my family for the week.

Monday: Went to the movies with friends Brandy, Shae (who was visiting on leave from active duty in WA) and her little sister Taryn. We saw Rock of Ages. I was good. At one point Shae had her hand covering her sister's eyes as she is 15 and that one scene was intense. I was upset that there were these little girls, around 10-12 yrs old who were watching that movie. Not appropriate for their age.

Tuesday: Had a nice time with my dad. We went to a park and talked for 2 hours. He misses me :(. But I am glad we were able to spend some time together. Later that night I spent the night at my friend Lindsay's house (Also my brother's new fiance!).

Wednesday: Helped Lindsay pack her room and go through some bins of junk before their move. Had dinner with Brandy, Marissa, and Shae, at a Mexican resturant in out town. We had Margaritas and I have to say Shae's was the best, Coconut!

Shae, Me, Brandy, Marissa

Thursday: Went out to Mabels Roadhouse with April, Char, Shae, Karrie, Nollie, and Nilda.

Friday: I can't remember!

Saturday: I can't remember!

Sunday: Church, Venice Beach with Char and Shar. Char has never been and it was her first time.

The 2nd week I spent with my grandparents, my cousin and my aunt. (Unfortionatly I am not very good at documenting adventures.) Though I did teach my cousin how to sew a baby blanket. And on wednesday we got massages at The Body Sanctuary. One of those days we got our nails done too, I think it was Monday.
Now I am home and this is what 8 trips from the car to my apartment brought forth. Except the 10 pairs of shoes I did not take a pic of...

What my fridge looked like when I got back:

And what was on my front step:

Now I have more but I will call it a day with this post and add the rest in another post. Thanks for stopping by!

Rebeckah A.

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