Friday, July 27, 2012

Some Cooking and Some Crafting :)

Oatmeal cinnamon raisin cookies yum. :) That is what I made yesterday. Delish! Got my arm workout for the day since we do not have an electric beater...

I also steamed some green beans for hubby's lunch.

Some progress I havd made on my Mario QAL: Mario Block

Finished! On to Luigi now...

About 2 months ago I won a giveaway for 20 pieces of Kaffe Fasset fabrics!

 My friend Stephanie's wedding Anniversary is comming up (and her brthday!) so I decided to make her something out of one of the fabrics she saw from this haul. She really liked this print and I wanted to do something fun so I made her a... well I can't tell you yet as I have not given it to her... BUT, here is a sneak peek!

While I was working o this last project I got a little careless and cut my finger with the supper sharp new blade on my rotary cutter.

No worries though, Buzz came to the rescue and stopped the bleeding!
Oh and I also burned myself a few times with the hot glue gun =D


  1. I was reading your post and was like... "is she gunna tell me what she's making?!" AND then I saw that it was just a sneak peak. I love the pink with that print though, it totally "girly-s" it up! (Nice new blog design by the way)

  2. BTW I really like your layouts when you have the two pics next to each other =^)

  3. Congratulations you have won the giveaway I was holding for the digital scrapbooking software @ CountryMommaCooks .......... Watch for my E-mail with all the details........and I'll give you a shout out at Fridays party......have a great day : )
    @ CountryMommaCooks

  4. Try to be more careful. those rotary cutters can cut badly. I had a lady cut herself in a class I was teaching. I felt horrible for her.
    Great Mario quilt.