Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Our 1st Anniversary! September 18th.

One year (and one week) ago today I married my soulmate.

God brought us together, and though we have our differences, we are perfect for eachother.

(Look at the smile on my dad's face!!!)

My sisters and I.

The lovely ladies I would have had in my party if I could of had more :)

What is a wedding with out some fun!

Unfortionatly this year my Hubby had to work on our Anniversary (Air Force and was on orders). But he was on day shift that week so we were able to spend some time together. When he came home he had these lovely flowers and the box of Sees chocolates. He had told me he had picked out the card when he was deployed back in May.


Well, I was busy myself while he was at work. I was able to wip up this handy arm rest for him for long car rides (45min commute to work). Just what he needed as he was using a rolled up towel in the mean time. (Sorry I did not take more photos.) It also has a handle on it for easy transport.

Later that night he took me out to dinner and BJ's, and we had a feast :)
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