Thursday, June 6, 2013

May Extras :)

It feels like summer!
Here are some of the projects I also did in addition to the Lovely Year of Finishes project list.
A fun summer sun dress for no particular little girl. One size fits all Infant-12 yrs. old (as a top):
Started the deconstruction of an older sundress. I had taken off the cap sleeves since they were angled weird and made it too tight to wear comfortably, and removed the belt loop. I have not decided on if I am going to keep it as a sun dress of eventually turn it into a skirt. I love the fabric though.
Dress upcycle
This is a doll I was commissioned to make for a little girl at church in exchange for a 45min massage from her mom (professional). It was well worth it :) And the doll looks like the little girl.
Emmy Doll
These are the Thing 1 and Thing 2 hats I made for the Soucek Twins, a boy and a girl. I also have quilts I am making for them.

Quilt1 for the girl baby.

PicMonkey Collage
A matching hat to go with the rainbow dress for my cousin's baby, Nakita. Born last week I believe :) 
PicMonkey Collage

Another commission for the same baby. A diaper cover. Love the ruffles!

PicMonkey Collage
You can not really see in this photo, but I had crochet some lovely black lace trim. (I will be adding it to the traveling stash that I won this month. Look for the giveaway post!)
Some free time embroidery. Loving the colors!
Another Pisinka workshop. My hubby made the orange/red/brown/black one. I am so proud of him!
 PicMonkey Collage
Baby blanket for Hoffling
Tardis book mark
 PicMonkey Collage

I was bored one night and stitched up this number. The yarn I used is Mountain Heather - Deborah Norville Collection Serenity Garden Yarn (at joann's). Let me tell you, this was so comfortable to weas, the yarn is so sift! I am thinking about making sleeping shorts out of this yarn. (BTW: I made up this pattern, if anyone wants it I will be happy to write it up for you.)


And a sun dress! I could not decide if I wanted to make a dress or a skirt. I figured that I could always convert it later if I want to:


Here are the 31"x31" (give or take) table topper cloths I also made for the wedding I did the dresses for. I just LOVE the fabric! I hope she lets me keep the scraps!

3rd Doctor! Oh Yeah!
Blanket I wiped up for Baby John's 1st Birthday!
Blue Scarf/shawl
These are some random items I made earlier in the year but forgot to blog about:
An attachment or a dish towel so it can hang from the oven handle.
Some crochet roses. I am thinking of attaching them to headbands.
A cable crochet headband.
Some fun bot cuffs (I still need to sew the buttons on... Shhhh don't tell!)
Some received items from various swaps/ wins:
Received this lovely from my BSA partner for the month.
 Rose Name

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