Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Block Swap Adventure

Hello fellow quilt lovers, 

Just a little information about this swapping group for those of you who have no idea what it is. We are the Block Swap Adventure group. When we join the group we fill out a form with the following information:

Block Preference (add a link if possible)
Color Preference

Anyone is welcome, even if you do not have a blog. (click the link to join)

Each month we receive an e-mail with our partner assignments. We then make a block to their specifications and send it to them. It is quite fun.

I have decided to make this post because Over the 14 Months I have been part of the group I have only received 4 blocks the the color specifications (Maybe I just was not clear enough?) and 3 of them where the actual block I had chosen . Don't get me wrong! I like the blocks I had received but they don't really go together. So that just means I will have to wait longer for a completed quilt to happen.

Clarification: 12 of the blocks were the right quilt block pattern but only 3 of them were really what I liked.

These are the blocks I have received:

These are the 3/4 that matched the criteria:

I actually like these better though and am going to change my color/fabric choices:

Some very bright colors...


Not the block I had asked for...

I don't know what they were thinking! LOL

Rose Name

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  1. Rebeckah, I understand the frustration. However, as I used to remind my gals when I was the mom of a swap for several years, the key lies in that little word "preferences". Preferences are, by their very nature, non-binding. They are not set in concrete. When I requested - and received - teacups and teapots, I also received one that was . . . . . a star! It was exquisitely hand-sewn but it sure wasn't a teapot. What can you say? I decided I would make a sampler quilt with black sashing between the blocks and let each one stand alone. Just enjoy them as they come and be blessed. :o)