Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Hubby's B-day Present

My husband's birthday was on Wednesday, Aug. 1st. I feel like he is a hard man to shop for... What am I saying?? All men are hard to shop for! Hahah. Anyway, my friend Stephanie had made a wrench case for her husband at one point so she lent mt the pattern (she came up with the pattern) to use for mine. I knew he needed something to keep his wrenches as we had just bought new tool earlier this year and still have a long way to go before we are properly prepared.

My husband is a huge media fan (movies and music). Especially Pixar, Dream Works, and Disney. Right after he came home from a 2 month deployment we went ount and caught up on about 6 or so movies he had missed being over seas. One of them was Madagascar: Europe's Nost Wanted. He got the Pokadotafrocircus song stuch in my head, and we both really enjoyed the movie.

On another trip to Jenny's with Steph I picked up 1/2 yrd. of this fabric along with a remnant of duckcloth for the case.


Here is how it turned out.

When he open it he was all smiles and said it was just what he needed!

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