Monday, December 17, 2012

New 2013 FO Challenge

I was reading some of the subscriptions  I get from other bloggers and came across a fun new idea from Cat Patches. I have now "stumbled into the Zone of Permission to start as many projects as you like with no requirement that you finish any of them EVER!"

Here is my list for the Year:

January:  Tardis quit that I have created, Needs to go out to a customer ASAP.

February: A kitty cat inspired quilt for my aunt.

March: Finish the Mario quilt I had started.

Mario Bros qal

April:   Figure out waht quilt to make for a winner of one of my giveaways (Way earlier in the year).

Finished question mark block for Eryn

May:  Finish my hand quilted baby blanket. (the elephant one)


So far that is it. Maybe I will thnk up a few more and add them.
Stop by Cat Patches (link at top of page) to link up and a chance to win great prizes.