Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

Valentines Day morning:
I spent all day (not really all day) making hubby his V-Day present. I wanted it to be something special, something he would use. So I decided to make him a neck tie. I used The Purl Bee's tutorial and pattern for her Father's Day Tie. It was supper easy and stitched up very quickly.

After I gave Hubby his tie he went to the car to get my present. He came in and handed me some papers. The first paper was tickets for us to see Kenny G in concert on Friday (tonight). I was thinking to myself that this was more of a gife for himself as I am ok with his music but not crazy about it. Then he told me to look at the other page.... It was tickets for us to see WICKED: The Musical in March for my Brithday!!! So exciting!!!!

After a morning of cuddling and watching Big Bang Theory, Hubby took me out to see Saft Haven. It is a sweet story :)

I had gotten my nails done last week for this occasion, Hubby calls it "The Queen of Hearts". We used a pintrest idea and made it love inspired.
Cute! Valentines Day Nails V-Day

After the movie we headed home, but not befor stopping at Sees Candy for some chocolate and Trader Joe's for flowers <3

Photo: Baby checking out the goods.
Baby is inspecting the goods.

Photo: She approves :)
She approves :)

More flowers!

While we were out we went looking for a vase for the flowers (we only have one and it is currently housing my weding bouquet), I cam across this lovely watch (for only $20 at Stein Mart) and Hubby bought it for me too :)

A valentine from a dear friend :)

Rose Name


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