Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April Goals Made!

A Lovely Year of Finishes
So far I have completed: The ones with Photos.
1. The Cloud Mario QAL block (I am so behind in the QAL, if finished already and I am just finishing block 4/20).
2. Binding the orange quilt.

3. Finishing these burp clothes I have cut out.
I have 2 more to make.
4. The Stash Bee block of the month.
5. My block swap partner's block for this month.
This was the first one I made but it was too small so I decided to keep it for myself and make her another block.
This is what I ended up doing with the above block. I made it into a mug rug and tied it instead of machine quilting it :) I really like how it turned out.
 Here is the 2nd attempt at making my partner a block. I have not decided on if I want to sew the halves together in a "X" or an "O".... A little help?
Hubby decided it should be an "O." Thanks love!

6. The Woodland stitch-a-long for April (It is a Jackalope!)
And that is just the sewing list!

 My yarn crafting list has:

1. Finish knitting the rainbow baby dress for my cousin's baby.
2. Finish the washcloths for a client.
3. Finish the rainbow legwarmers.
Rainbow Leggings
4. Finish the rainbow (see a pattern here? I like rainbow a lot) crochet bobble tote.
I am waiting of yellow yarn. I ran out :(
I think that is enough on my plate with out biting off more than I can chew. LOL
Amendment! Here are some other projects I have added to the list!
This last week we had a workshop at church to learn how to decorate eggs. These are called Pisinka. Google them, there are some very beautiful eggs :) I did thins workshop last year and it as a blast. This year my hubby was interested in doing it too.
Clockwise: Green and light blue - the one I made this year, Light and dark blue - Hubby's attempt and he is pretty good at it!, black and blue with some purple - the one I made last year. there are better photos on my Facebook page.
Rebeckah Rose Austin
Here are some the teacher had done:
Here is the mini quilt I finally finished for my partner. It took me so long to do it since my partner got switched out 3 times!
A baptismal gown, possibly for my niece/nephew or my Goddaughter I am not sure yet.
I headband I made while learning a new crochet stitch pattern.

So far so Good I think. I failed to complete 2 of the things listed: The Rainbow tote, though I am sure I will finish it up in no time. And the 2 other burp cloths, which I have just been too lazy to get to, though they are very easy.

Rose Name

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