Friday, May 17, 2013

May progress :)

A Lovely Year of Finishes
1. Maid of Honor Dress I was commissioned to do by a client. This is Kristy, she was referred to my by a friend of a friend. The bride changed her mind and wanted a different color. So I will be making another dress. I will also be making the next one a little more fitted.
2. Mario QAL: Question mark block

3. Doctor Who QAL block of the month.

4. Doctor Who Embroidery QAL block of the month (Yes there are TWO!!).

5. Embroidered Pascha basket cover.
6. Stash Bee block for the month. Hive #2.
7. This also counts as the RCS May Blue
8. BAS Partner Block.

9. Finish burp cloths from last month.
10. At least 1 Ruffled diaper cover.

11. Jane Austin Period Dress FINISH

12. The flower girl dress for the same wedding as #1

13. Stitch up the May Woodland sampler square
May Sampler

Now for the yarn stuff:

1. Finish Rainbow bobble tote.

rainbow tote
2. Penny's (my Goddaughter) afghan.

3. Finish the blue scarf thingy.

4. Finish the baby hat I am working on.

5. Make the Gnome Baby toy for Penny.

6. Diaper cover to match Baptismal gown from last month.

7. Bonnet to match also.

Rose Name

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