Friday, May 24, 2013

Thoughts on dance...ranting a little...

Last week started the 10th season of So You Think You Can Dance! I have always been inspired by all the talent that is exhibited on the show.
I am a dancer myself. Though not quite ass good as those on the show and I have not had an opportunity to dance since spring of 2011. I miss it terribly. I started dancing somewhere in my 16/17 yrs. old range. I don't remember the exact dates. I believe it was in 2006. I have always loved dancing but we could never afford it when I was younger and was only able to take classes when I started college, with the help of financial aid. I took different classes in Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, some tap in my Commercial Dance class (Broadway dance/ musical numbers), and Ballroom. I was even in a dance show doing the Salsa with my partner and 4/5 other couples. It was so much fun!
My love is divided between dancing and crafting. I hope to get back into dancing. I was in much better shape when I was dancing (added 10/15 lbs since marriage :( )> I really need to get back in shape.
My goal is to be able to dance n pointe <3 and to bring back my flexibility.
The problem is I have nothing to motivate me to get up and out of the house and work out/ dance. When I was in school I HAD to go to my classes, so that was my motivation, and I loved it :) If I had someone to do things with it would be so much easier to get out! I hate doing things by myself.
After some stretching and warming up I can do this: I really can. I am thinking of having my photographer cousin do a dancing photo shoot with me in exchange for some crafting, after I loose the weight that is.
Wish me luck! I REALLY want to get back into dancing, it makes me happy and not depressed, as I can sometimes get being by myself all day (and living far from home, friends and family) while my hubby works.
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