Saturday, June 15, 2013

June Check In

A Lovely Year of Finishes
Here are my June goals. Some of these are runoff from last month that I was not able to get to (and still might not):
1. Mario QAL: Question mark block
Fire flower block

2. Doctor Who QAL block of the month: Tardis and Time lord, K9, and I am sure there will be another one very soon

3. BAS Partner Block: May
 and June
4. At least 1 Ruffled diaper cover.

5. Jane Austin Period Dress FINISH
6. Baby boy quilt for S.'s
7. Make the pillow cases for Grandy.
8. Make Alana's 1st Birthday Mini Mouse quilt.

9. Alana's Mini dress
10. Pocket Skirt
11. Trendy skirt:
  Version 1 - I made the waistband too wide so I am going to give this to my sister since she is a larger woman that I (just all around bigger, taller etc. Big boned)


Version2 - A shorter version with an encased elastic for the waistband. This one stays with me.

12. Deer quilt top?
13. June Woodland sampler box
14. Stash Bee block: June
15. RCS Block: Yellow

Yarn projects!

1. Finish pink scarf.
2. Make Elephant lovie for Baby Hoff
3. Finish Baby blanket for Lori's charity drive (My MIL goes to this crochet group where they give you yarn and you tank it home and make things for babies and then bring them back to be donated.)

Rose Name


  1. OH my your list is long! Great progress so far. I love how the Mario blocks are looking

  2. What a lovely long list. I love seeing what your Mario quilts look like each month.