Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What I did yesterday: An Organizing Story

As I was laying in bed Saturday A though came to me. "It would be much easier for crafting if I moved all my craft stuff to the storage space on the balcony rather have it be in the outside storage." Now that was a task. I am the kind of girl who when starting a project I like to get it done in one go, no multiple-day projects for me. So with that I was determined to start on Monday and finish it before Hubby came home from work.

The first thing I had to do was empty out the balcony storage (BS) and sweep. Once that was done I brought in all the boxes from the outside storage (OS), oh and here is the kicker, I just had to reorganize and condense the contents of my stash (everything). I ended up de-stashing these items. Keep an eye out for a giveaway in the future.


My WIPs tote needed to be reorganized as well. I separated and condensed (sounds contradictive, I know) the WIPs into these categories:
Planning on completing this week:
 This month:
Soon enough:
 And have no intention of looking at again until I reorganize again or run out of WIPs (HA like that will happen!):
After that was done I moved everything into the BS, stacked all nicely with most used boxes on top, etc.
Not all the craftiness made it into the BS. My candle-making supplies are still out (and slightly melted, but that is okay since it will all be melted down again).
And the jewelry making stuff wont fit in either (don't worry, the tub on top is empty).
The next task was to clear off the balcony. That was a project all on its own.
I took the boxes that could be moved to the OS and started shifting the ones left out so I could sweep the balcony. This space was soooooo dirty. We never go out there, even though it is a nice space, because there was no space because of the boxes. There was a fine (and by fine I mean thick) layer of pollen on EVERYTHING. I had to "sweep" the boxes off so they were clean enough to take through the apartment to the OS.
Just look at the difference!
Baby want's to come out and help!

After sorting through the rest of the totes I ended up with this (after shredding 3 trash bags worth of old papers):

Surprise! Hubby still has some unsorted junk from his bachelor days. You know how it is, men, this is how he would pack when he was deployed (gone to storage) or moved somewhere else: shove everything into totes, not sorting/organization needed. I did what I could to these but the rest is up to him to sort out.

I emptied out this huge tote and condensed his junk from 3 totes to the 2 you see above.

Here is my reward for all that hard work: SPACE!
PicMonkey Collage

And the OS: The empty totes will go in that empty space you see there.

Thanks for stopping by!
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