Thursday, February 9, 2012

A look into my creative mess :D

Here are some photos I just took of my rearranged sewing/dining room (though we do not have anything to dine on, so really just my sewing room). It has great light because of the sliding door :)

Color coordinated Fabrics and thread
My work station (boxes of yarn stash and projects for my  Hats For Hope project).

Messy corner where my finished projects await their fate (I want to sell them!).

Messy stack where unfinished project wait to be finished :D

Another view.

My new dress form. I dresses her up in the dress I wore for my dress rehearsal for my wedding (I need to loose some weight if I ever plan to wear that again :P). Lots of flower clips and pins on a ribbon decorate the dress, for now.

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