Thursday, February 9, 2012

Baby Bag

I Made a diaper bag! It was fun and easy. I think I will do some modifications next time though.

Outer Pocket made from a pannel.

Other outer pocket. Attached by velcro and I used a yellow ribbon bow to hide the stitching.

Side pockets with view of D rings for keys or toys and zipper tab end.
Zipper was not included in the pattern so I came up with a pattern for the zipper and added it to the bag. I am actually very proud of myself for figuring it out :D

This is actually the inside (I turned it inside-out to take better picts). it has a large pocket secured with elastic to make it expandable.

Other side. this has two pockets down the middle though it is hard to tell since the fabric matches up almost too well.n I also added a "Handmade By" tag that I have yet to inscribe my name upon. 

Next time I wll make the straps wider and pad them. I will also use a better zipper and stronger fabric. I used cotton, not PUL fabric like the pattern suggested.

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