Thursday, February 9, 2012

More... Mug Rugs.... oh Joy!.. This time for the family!

As I am in a Mug Rug phase I have decided to make mug rugs for my whole family (they do not know that yet). Here are a few I have created and made yesterday and the day before.

Aunt Donna: Loves working out, fitness, crafting, and of course her 8 cats.
 She gets a double-sided rug with yoga cats and a cat scattered sewing room.

Erica (Donna's Daughter): Is a young Teen who is a huge help to her mother. I wanted her to have something less girly and more mature but not too old. My hubby helped me pick out the cherry and green vine fabrics. Thanks babe :)

Grandma: Loves her kitties, her family and is her name "Rosie". I wanted to use her favorite color, pink, and her favorite thing, cats. She loved it. :)

Grandpa: Is a classy man. We decided to use coffee inspired fabric for the center and music notes for the boarder. To show his good tastes.

My dad and my (will probably be my father-in-law via my brothers inevitable marriage) friend's dad will also get this mug rug.

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