Friday, July 13, 2012

2 Baby Showers!

On July 9th was Juliana's Baby Shower for her 5th baby. Little Ishcar. Some thing cool that their family does is naming all their sons after the tribes of Isreal. So far they Have Levi, Judah, and Asher. Their daughter Tatiana is the exception. Our friends Sarah and Ruth hosted at Sarah's house. They had some very fun and creative activities to do. There was tie-dye/make your own Batik design on onzies for the new baby. Here is mine that I made.

How to: Ust wash away glue (elmers white or clear works) to draw a design in the fabric. use watered down fabric paint and lightly paint over the glue and surrounding reas as you wish. The glue will wash out and leave that area untouched by the paint. I wouls suggest rinsing it our and then letting it dry all the way before you dye the item. When dry, dye and rinse, then dry again. Done!

Here is the line drying of the others.

We also decorated candles/holders with mod podge and magazine pictures.

We also drew on Juliana's belly with Henna.

On July 13th we had a shower for our friend Clair at Stephanie's house, hosted by Sophia. Stephanie and I worked on a quilt for Clair (she is having her 2nd boy!) using the Animal Party, Too! fabric line.

He took some better photos of the quilt with Stephanie's camera after the shower died down. I will post those later when I get them :)

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