Friday, July 13, 2012

I Will Call This Post "June Goodies"

Some projects I have been working on this last month:

The Mug Rug package I sent out for the 4th of July swap.

Oh and this is what I received :)
2 FQs, some patriotic napkins, a pillow pin coushin, and the lovely mug rug in the center there.

Some retail therapy: Shoes! What else... Hahaha.

Goodies from Grandma:

Aren't the food tags cute! (The Key Chain was not from grandma, I just stuck it with this random stuff).

Crafts I completed while on vacation:

Mug Rug (I finally put a backing on and )
 An easy cut-and-tie blanket for a friend's 22nd birthday!
 A 100 knot Prayer Rope for my Dad (Eastern Orthodox Christian, if you were wondering).

 Camera Case, just because.

Well that is it for this post! Thanks for stopping by!

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