Friday, August 10, 2012

Traveling Stash Giveaway!!! (Closed)


Now how do you win? and what are the rules?


1. Be an active blogger. Post about receiving the box and the giveaway on your blog in a timely manner.

2. There's a note in the box that logs where the box has been. Please add your info and place the note back in the box.

3. There's a list of Rules and Guidelines in the box. Please read and follow these and return the list to the box.

4. You may take anything you like from the box. Just replace every item with comparable quilt shop quality items equal to the amount taken.
5. Ship the box to the next person in a reasonable amount of time.
6. Due to the amount of postage shipping is only within the USA.

1. Leave a comment telling me your favorite way to organize your crafting.
2. For a second chance, follow my blog.
3. For a third chance, mention this giveaway on your blog. Comment that you have.
4. Fourthly, like out Etsy Shop.

The giveaway ends on Saturday, August 18th. I will draw the winning number using Be sure that I have a way to get in touch with you!


  1. Oh! This is awesome! I love this!

    I like to organize my fabric in plastic. Plastic bins, plastic drawers, plastic spinach containers for little pieces.

    I'm following you. And I will SO post about this later!

  2. I have several forms of organization depending on size of fabric - bolts on shelf in closet, extra wide backing on padded hangers, yardage not on bolts in a dresser - by color, under a yard but larger than a FQ - clear rolling storage units (work from the most), FQs are in plastic shoe boxes by color (own shelf unit), smaller than FS in zip bags in a large (32 gal) tote. Pre-cuts, kits, special project and on=going QAL projects are stored in own shelf unit. Scraps cut down into pre-cut size (from 5" down to 1.5" squares) are in clear snack barrels stored on an old potters bench.

  3. I store fabric in plastic bins. Patterns in a filing cabinet. Buttons in tins. And, laces, zippers, thread in a tool box. Love my storage system.

  4. I'm a fan of storing in plastic, too. I love when I buy new fabric and it comes in plastic zipper bags. I save them all for storing bits and pieces later.

  5. I use plastic towers to store my crazy quilt goodies in. I use bookcases and custom made shelves for my fabric stash for traditional quilting and I use plastic shoe boxes to hold thread, rulers, EPP paper pieces in. This way I can see what is inside and know where to go to get what I need.

  6. I use plastic tote bins and a cedar chest.

  7. I have all my stuff in my closet in bins and plastic drawer stacks. I hope to get my own room some day. Thank you for the give away.

  8. I use ziplock bags for organizing - you can get them in all different sizes and put everything together!

  9. Funny you should ask about organization! Recently I redid all of my fabric...well, most of it anyway. I got some baskets from Joann's and put all of my fat quarters in them according to color. I cleaned out a bookcase(donated the books to a Senior Citizens community cause I have a Kindle) and put the baskets there. I can quickly and easily get to the FQs now. The rest of my fabric is in a closet folded by color. And believe me, that is the most organized anything is in this house!

  10. I have been following your blog for a while now!