Monday, September 10, 2012

Getting By With A Little Help Frome My Friends. (Long Post)

As I looked at the crafting area just now I realized I have WAY to many WIPs and something needs to be done about it. So I decided to dedicate September to getting my WIP pile (the one in the hamper under the table, not the bin in storage) finished. My goal is to ONLY sew items from the WIP pile this month until it is depleted. Unless, it is a swap item or a gift for an event that needs to get done ASAP. I took photos of the stacks of projects and will blog about them as I finish them. I am calling on all of you bloggers to keep me in line and accountable to sew ONLY these stated above. Though I am giving myself a little room to wiggle so I can get prepared for the Sewing Summit in October. AND I think to make it more reasonable for me, I can only sew ONE small project after I have finished THREE WIPs.
 Are you ready? There are the projects I need to finish:

1. Make a bag for the B&W bag swap. 2. Cut charms for i-spy, B&W swaps at the SS.
3. Make a pouch for Bekah. 4. Make this wallet for myself (Note:put D ring on it.)
5. Aprons (D) for Grandma and Aunt. 6. Make pouch for giveaway winner.
7. Make tea pot mat to go with cozy. 8-10.Finish 3 (4?) Mario QAL blocks.
11. Finish Hexagon Drawstring Quilt. 12. Finish hand quilting jungle babies quilt.
 13. Make 2 pillow covers with cat pattern. 14. Figure out what I wanted to make with these.
(Note: 15. can count for 's entry). 
 15. Make some kind of Fall decor. 16. Make an arm rest for Hubby for long drives.
17. Finish cutting 2.5'' squares from scraps.
18. Make the star block for BSA Sept. partner.
19. Make Sept Stash Bee block.
Sewing Summit To Do List.
1. PJ's with Steph.
2. Luggage tag.
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
3. Lanyard for nametags.
Pinned Image
4. Name tag.
5. Pouch for swap.
6. Slippers.
Pinned Image
7. Travel case.
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Things I would like to make:
1. Headbands.
Pinned Image
2. Trash collectors for the car. (#16 WIP fabric can be used for this too.)
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
3. Tunic top.
Pinned Image
4. Christmas decor.
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5. Skirts.
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6. Pouches for fun.
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7. Onsies.
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8. Conversation bag.
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  1. Wow, that is a lot of WIP. Looks like a lot of them are quick projects so maybe you can whip them out easily enough.

  2. I'm tired just reading your list!!

  3. Gee. . . . ALL this & you still signed up for the PIF on my blog!! ROFLOL

    My, but we do get ourselves into trouble sometimes, don't we??!!

  4. Lots of WIPs! I also got tired when reading that. LOL I love the conversation bag though! I have a few things I need/want to do before the SS and hopefully I can get my priority list complete!