Monday, September 10, 2012

The Baby Gets Into Everything!

This is our baby girl. Her name is Baby. She is a Russian Blue about 12-14 weeks old. She loves to play in fabric that you are trying to lay out on the floor and she likes to attack sissors and pins.
She loves her beddy-bye baskets hahah.
This little love pest loves to do exactly what this fabric is depicting. She was also continuously getting her mice stuck under the closet door. (I can't seem to find her pink one at the moment, it must be around here somewhere! LOL)
So I decided to make a door stop/plug to keep things from getting under the door. Also these are great for keeping cold air from getting in the front door and for keeping heat in. I filled it with pinto beans :)


  1. She's SO cute! I miss the kitten stage! I have two that are both over 5

  2. How nice of you to make her a new toy. You can always put ears and a tail on the draft blocker, so she'll have a giant mouse.

  3. How adorable. We have a russian blue mix. He is now 4 yrs and weighs 23 lbs. He has a little tummy, but is just big. Would love to know what the mix is. He drinks a ton of water and plays constantly. Even now. He is such a talker. We love him to pieces. Have fun with her. As a russian blue owner we know the absolute joy they bring with them.

  4. She is so cute! I love cats. They always seem to get in the way or sit in MY chair! But I really can't live without them :)