Saturday, January 26, 2013

January Projects and January 2013 NewFO Challenge Finish

After Christmas I was really burnt out on sewing (gasp!) so I decided to pick up my knitting needles for a change of pace.
I love love LOVE bright bold colors, especially in rainbow form. While I was looking through my knitting patterns (printed off line, ask me if you want the pattern) I came across this circular blanket. I thought It would be a blast to make a rainbow-target blanket. Unfortunately, I did not factor in how many rows of each color I was going to need and just eye-balled it. I came out very small (infant size) but I still love it. I was telling a friend at church about it and she asked to purchase it from me for one of our friend's baby boy (our friend loves rainbows and bright colors too!). So this blanket is off to a good home and that makes me happy. :)
Although I was burnt out on sewing I had a few commitments I HAD to stick to (and I am glad I did!).
I FINALLY finished the Dec. Block for the Stash Bee Hive #2 Queen. So sorry it is late!
Got the Block Swap Adventure January block for Nancy done with plenty of time to spare :)
AND not only did I start my January 2013 NewFO Challenge (Cat Patches), But I also finished it!
Drum roll...... Ta Da! Another Tardis quilt! This one goes out to Lorraine in Australia. Enjoy Lorraine!

Oh and I also made a matching pillow case to keep it company. :)


  1. Love the TARDIS! The rainbow blanket is very cool. I think that would be a lot of fun to make - I love to knit myself. Have a great day!

  2. Lovely Tardis quilt :) one of these days I need to make one also (and one for my dad ;) )

  3. I want a Tardis! Not sure if I want it in quilt format, mite be to small and flat inside. LOL

    1. But it's so much bigger inside than out....LOL

  4. Not to be redundant, but I LOVE THE TARDIS!

  5. The TARDIS is the best!!! My son and I are both huge Dr. Who fans and watch together (he DVRs them until I visit). This may have to be added to my list. Cool!

  6. Wow, busy month for you! Love all your projects but especially the yellow stars block. Very different!

  7. Oh that is so cute! Love that pretty midnight blue.

  8. Very nice looking Tardis. I was a Dr Who fan years ago. I haven't seen any of the new ones.