Wednesday, January 30, 2013

RSC13 - January - Hot Pink
I cam across the RSC13 on Soscrappy's blog early this month and decided it would be a great stash buster project :) So I joined in the fun.
Here are my projects: Oh, and unfortionatly they are not finished yet, but they will be in a few days and I will link back to this post with the completed projects.
 Soon to be a zipper pouch:
Another zipper pouch, this one is for a swap:
Soon to be a needle book:
Just some fun pieces cut out to use later:
And some other fun "Hot Pink" items around my sewing area. Include: Quilting gloves, the thing I have my pins in, self printed cloth lables, knitting which is being converted to a Tunisian Crochet scarf, a lovely bag some one made me in a swap (I carry all my travel projects in it), and my scrap bits "trash bin" (I am saving all the bits to stuff an ottomon/ poof pillow).
Rose Name


  1. What a pretty collection of pinks. Thanks for joining in.

  2. Oh very cool! This does look like a good stashbuster. I am super close to having my sewing area unpacked and set up and I can't wait to sew a big project.