Thursday, March 14, 2013

March Maddness (1-12th, My Birthday!) Long Post

Things have been so hecktic this year I feel like I have no time for blogging anymore. So I have decided I will blog twice a month at the least, once in the middle on the month and once at the end/begining of the month. You might have noticed that I had started last month.
(Sewing projects are the 2nd half of the post)
On the 6th we had to take Baby in for a follow up. Last month we found out she had a bad care of earmites and an infection caused by them. She is all better now :)
Baby does not like going to the vet and hides behind her daddy everytime. Isn't she a cutie! (And my handsome hubby too!)
Later that evening we had tickets to see WICKED!!!! I had seen it before but this was Hubby's first time.
While we were there we ran into our very good friends who were out on a birthday outing as well.
Birthday girls! Look we are twins!
 Over the weekend we celebrated my birthday (24!! I know I am sooooo old HAHA). We went up to visit my family in SCV. It was a good day.
I got my hair cut by a close friend who graduated beauty school, and I love it. We also went out to lunch and after that I went out with my sister to take our neighbor's 12 year old out shopping for her birthday. I was pooped by the time we were finished. But no, they had a surprise for me! My sister treated everyone (and by everyone I mean myself, my 4 sisters, sister-in-law/friend, and 2 other friends) to dinner and drinks! She is so sweet. AND they caught me! I was sung to wearing a rediculous hat and had ice cream smeared on my face LOL. Oh Boy.
 On sunday Christine had a party to celebrate her birthday:
Photo: And the guests are here!
It was a blast :)
(Hubby with his Green Elixer, that is what I call it anyway) At Ferralls for my birthday, on Tuesday.
Photo: Ronnie's Green Elixer ;)
After lunch we went and saw Oz.
How about some projects I have been working on?
Still in the yarn mood:
Crochet Roses
Cabled Headband
Dishcloth Hangers
Boot Cuffs
Scarf Thingy
I needed a new scrubby for the dishes. Hubby likes this one, I will be making more :)
Swap blocks:
Swap Friendship Bag: Going out!
Friendship Bag

An envelop clutch for Taryn:

Sampler progress:
DSCN1350 DSCN1348
Some free time stitching I added to a bib for a baby shower:
This is a baby quilt I wipped up for my sister to give her friend who is having a baby (nick named "Smalls").
DSCN1374 DSCN1376

I was also in the Nancy Drew Blog Hop and did not get a chance to finish one of my projects, so here it is: The Pillow!
Nancy 2
AND another pouch (the first one is on the previous post).
Rose Name


  1. What I do for my posts, is I write a bunch of posts at once and schedule them for the future so that my blog updates even when I am not available to post :)

  2. You have been a busy girl with all those projects