Thursday, July 25, 2013

ALYOF July Completions

 First off, So I some how missed the part about ONE ITEM. So naturally I have a list... *Sigh*. Next moth I will pick just one. I guess the Supper Mario quilt is the project this month. I finished it on Saturday the 27th! I feel like it has been in process for a year (and it very well might have been). This lovely (evil time consuming monstrosity!) was a commission by a friend. I am a little sad to part with it since I did spend so much time on it. Oh well, LOL. Never again (well maybe, if you say pretty please and give me a year and lots of $$$)!
A Lovely Year of Finishes
Here are my July goals. Some of these are runoff from last month that I was not able to get to (and still might not):
1. Mario QAL: Turtle, red mushroom, green mushroom, Shy Guy, Then I am done with the blocks! Also need to quilt and finish!


First row quilted!

I don't think I ever posted a photo of Gumba:


babymario PicMonkey Collage 
2. BAS Partner BlockJuly
3. July Woodland sampler box
4. Aeroplane bag for Char

5. Stash Bee block: July
6. RCS Block: Aqua

Last month's Rollovers:

1. Doctor Who QAL block of the month: Tardis, Time lord, K9, and SS Madam De Pompadour - These will be moved to a separate month where I have nothing else to do but Doctor Who.

2. BAS Partner Block: June
3. At least 1 Ruffled diaper cover.

4. Jane Austin Period Dress FINISH - Just needs buttons! (I am counting it as done)
5. Make Alana's 1st Birthday Mini Mouse quilt.
 (I kind of really like this photo, very candid.)


PicMonkey Collage
6. Deer quilt top? - Moving back to the WIPs

Yarn projects!

1. Make Elephant lovie for Baby Hoff - I have decided to wait off on this until baby is born and we know what it is.
2. Finish Baby blanket for Lori's charity drive (My MIL goes to this crochet group where they give you yarn and you tank it home and make things for babies and then bring them back to be donated.) - This is taking forever!!
Oh well I will just have to move some of these UFOs over to next month.. :P

Rose Name


  1. Oh what a great list. It's just that we want you to get one done. . makes it easier on us! I seem to finish everything BUT my goal.

    Thanks for linking up. I can't wait to see more of these finished. Especially when you have time for the Dr who. . I would like that month too!

  2. I am making the Mario quilt for my son. It really is time consuming! I don't know how you have managed to do it to give away!! Good for you! Just wondering, do I see you are quilting as you go? How is that going? I am just wondering if I can bare the thought of pushing the whole quilt through my little machine!
    I am also doing the Doctor Who blocks and I am finding them just as time consuming and tricky as these Mario ones! LOL! Good luck on completing your list!! :)

  3. Your Mario quilt turned out amazing! Great job finishing it :)