Thursday, July 25, 2013

ALYOF August Goal Setting

A Lovely Year of Finishes 
 For August I am deciding to put my sewing effort into the Doctor Who quilt(s).

The first one (I am counting these together since they are both Doctor Who) is made up of paper pieced blocks and can be found over at Trillium Designs (button on the side bar). I have all of the blocks to do. I have not started any of them yet!

1. Tardis
2. Time lord
3.  K9
4. SS Madam De Pompadour
5. Badwolf

The 2nd quilt is an embroidered quilt. Each block is hand stitched and consists of one of the 11 Doctors. You may have seen some of them already. 

For some reason Bloglovin is not sending me the feed for Fandom In Stitches (though I am subscribed) So I fell very behind. I have up to the 6th Doctor done and all 11 patterns are out. Therefore I have 5 Doctor's to do, and whatever block they choose for the 12th block (I doubt we will find out the 12th Doctor before then.).

DSCN1745 DSCN1746 DSCN1753 DSCN1760 DSCN1846 DSCN1895

1. 7th Doctor
2. 8th Doctor
3. 9th Doctor
4. 10th Doctor
5. 11th Doctor

  Rose Name

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