Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Not Enough Time!!!! - A Rant Post

Ever feel like you just do not have enough time in the day or days in the week? Well, that is how I have been feeling this month.
Hubby just got furled and had his first day on Monday. That is great since we get to have an extra day together (no so great since it is a lot of $$$ not coming in). But with him being home I feel that I am loosing a day during the week. I usually do laundry and some cleaning on Monday, I also schedule out my sewing and get the important projects started.
Now Mondays are just a continuation of the weekend. Don't get me wrong, I am lucky and thankful to have that extra time with hubby, but I get NOTHING done, nada. We do some shopping, run random errands, stay home and watch the DVR trying to catch up on shows we watch (or more recently, the shows he does not get to watch since he is at work all day).
Now, if I want to get anything done I really have to push myself to get started since I did not jump in on Monday.
A typical day does not leave a lot of time for me to sew/craft (including orders I need to finish). 9am is the typical get up time. I have just been too darn tired to get out of bed. I need to retrain myself. At least I am not really "sleeping in". But after spending an hour with the Lord (prayers and reading, that is how long it takes to do that) I have 2 hours in which I get my blog reading/e-mails/facebook/blog writing done (start laundry, which I always forget to take out of the dryer until Hubby asks where all his underwear is). Then lunch, some sewing (I confess, this is where I get my TV watching done too) and MAYBE, just maybe I go to work out at 3pm (that is only 3 hours to set up, sew, and clean/pack up). Hubby gets home at 4pm then we spend the night watching TV since he is too tired to do much else, or we might run some errands, again. Then it is bed time. (And I have been neglecting my Kitty.)
I Need more days/time to sew!!! You know what I mean, you can't just stop in the middle of a project if you are in the zone!
This is the list of things I need to do this week (and by that I mean Thursday, Friday, and , lucky me he has a reserve weekend, Saturday):
Finish the fastenings and collar on a cassock
Sew the outer layer to a wedding dress (I can move this to next week if need be)
Finish the Mario quilt (I have 11/12 blocks sewn, 5 prepped for quilting (I ran out of pins) and I still have to assemble the while thing!!!!) before my friend moves to Chicago in 2ish weeks.
Doesn't seem like much..... *sigh*
Oh well, wish me luck! (Off to floss my teeth....)
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  2. You will make, I know all about the furlough - my husband is dealing with it now to. Sit down and write all the things you want and need to do and rank them by importance - basically make priorities. I work full time and still find time to run a household and time for myself.