Monday, September 2, 2013

September Goal Setting ALYOF

A Lovely Year of Finishes
This month I will be working on a Tardis quilt order from my Etsy shop. I got the order last week andam waiting for her to send me some fabric she want's in the quilt. This is the fabric I found for the background of the Tardis (she wanted the star swirls but I could not find it at the LQS).


I also saw this fabric at Joann's and I think I might make another quilt, just to have on hand with this as the background.


Oh and by the way, I saw my quilt featured as an add on Facebook! WHAT!?!
Photo: WOW!!! How cool! My Tardis quilt is on an advertisement for on the side bar of Facebook!! Check it!

Rose Name


  1. Wonderful quilt. I don't know which of the background fabrics I like the best.

  2. I looked all over the place and went back to July posts, trying to find a link to your etsy shop and I can't find one. I'd like to know how to look there.

    dezertsuz at gmail