Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sewing Summit Class Registration Completion!

After much panicing and urgent clicking I was able to register for  classes. And guess what? I got all my classes!
Anyone have the same classes as me?
Now I just need to save up and start gathering my materials together for the classes =D


  1. Yay for you!! That's really exciting!!

  2. I'll see you in Mena, Sarai & Sunni's classes!! Can't wait!!!

  3. I came to admire your Dots on dots, but reading your blog, you're a busy lady, I hope you will show later, I'll be back.
    Have fun with your classes, looks like fun!

  4. ahhh sorry to see you are not here this morning..please let us know when you are so we can at least add you to our P board.

  5. Hope to see you tomorrow on my day of the hop..for Dots to Dots..

  6. We are in a couple of the same classes! I did have a couple that I missed out on so I keep checking to see if someone else drops it.